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What equipment does Computer Banc accept?

Computer peripherals (e.g. cables, mice, keyboards, etc.)
Fax machines
Residential VCRs
Residential DVD players
MPS players
Video game consoles
Cell phones
Business phone systems
Video Equipment

What equipment does Computer Banc not accept?

​Household Hazardous waste
Auto stereo systems
Non-computer cables
Non-cellular phones
Residential TVs

Is there any cost for dropping off equipment?

How many items may I drop-off?
For a drop-off we will accept as many items as you can carry in your personal vehicle…car, SUV, or van.
Larger drop-offs and company donations are welcome and may qualify for our pickup service.

Will the hard drives be erased?
Computer Banc has written digital data destruction hardware. Auditable reports for our client’s records can be obtained upon request.

Where does my computer go?
Our goal is to put your equipment to the best possible use. Your computer is Refurbished or Reused, and the e-waste is Responsibly Recycled. The Computer Banc network then distributes the refurbished computers to our low income families, disabled populations and other non profit organizations..

Can I specify where my donation goes?
Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the refurbishing process, all the computer equipment goes through a screening, evaluation, and teardown process that makes it improbable to assign a specific destination. However, if you choose to make a financial donation to pay for a refurbished computer (a tech-scholarship), we can certainly designate the agency or recipient of your choice.

What is toxic in a computer?
A computer contains significant levels of hazardous wastes. In approximate descending order, these contaminants are lead, cadmium, zinc, copper, chromium, mercury, manganese, antimony, arsenic, nickel, trichloroethanes, and PCB’s.

Computer leachate from TCLP testing reveals that they are classified as Characteristic Hazardous Waste and thus may be banned from landfills under federal RCRA regulations. TCLP test on computers reveals average lead concentration of greater than 100 PPM with a min. of 30 ppm. RCRA regulations limit the max. acceptable leachate levels for lead at 5 ppm. Moreover, CRT’s are 20% lead oxide by weight.

EPA studies determined that before lead acid batteries were banned from landfills, consumer electronics contributed 27% of all lead in municipal solid waste. Furthermore, after lead acid batteries were removed from the waste stream, consumer electronics accounted for 75% of lead in MSW, but composed less than 1% of the waste stream. Hence, by diverting a small portion of the waste stream, landfills can accomplish significant levels of heavy metal abatement.

Disk Erasure
We are compliant with Department of Defense standards. We wipe each hard drive that comes into our building seven complete times in order to obliterate any data that may be on the drive.

Disk Erase
POLICY: Computer Banc removes and destroys the digital data on each hard drive that comes through our door. We wipe all hard drives for no charge. $0.00

Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Computer Banc’s
Environmental, Health and safety Policy

= ​CB is committed to providing quality refurbished computers.
= CB is committed to providing a low cost solution for companies and individuals who are looking for a responsible way to dispose of their unwanted computer equipment.
= CB is committed to the prevention of pollution and prevention of injury and ill health.
= CB is committed to continuous improvement achieved through monitoring and measuring our environmental, health and safety objectives and targets.
= CB is committed to complying with all legal and other requirements.
- CB is committed to manage used and end of life electronic equipment based on a reuse, recover, dispose hierarchy including onsite and downstream materials management throughout the recycling chain.
= CB is committed to further contribution and education regarding the best practices for maximizing the value of unwanted computer equipment.

What Are The Results?

Your computer might be one of the 4,000+ computers that we have placed into:

Classrooms to assist both teachers and students
Not-for-profit offices enabling them to function more efficiently
Homes of students at risk giving them the opportunity to become better prepared adults in the 21st century

We continue to look at what is now called e-Waste as e-Opportunity and we are actively pursuing additional ways to reuse electronics.

What Can You Do?

Join with us in insisting upon manufacturing changes for sustainable and reusable products; and in the meantime, reuse and recycle what you can!
Remember that dropping off your personal computers is easy. Call your friends and neighbors and bring their retired equipment along with yours.
Or call for a pick up if you have at least 10 pieces which meet our minimum requirements. And as always Support your schools!

What Are We Doing?
Our goal is to put your equipment to the best possible use. We refurbish recently retired computers for schools, not-for-profits and homes.

Refurbish: Fortunately we receive many high quality systems that are in good working order. If your system meets our minimum specifications and is in good working order we will refurbish it and provide it to our clients, priced for cost recovery and confident in the best possible user experience. Refurbishing includes testing the hardware, installing a new operating system and a complete set of user applications, and then testing the whole system. Our testing procedures are demanding so that we can offer a 90 day hardware guarantee. With care and concern, each refurbished computer becomes a valuable tool.

​Reuse: Not all systems are acceptable for refurbishing, but we reuse as much as we can. Typically we reuse hard drives, memory and monitors. If we have more good components than we can use or if we receive high quality equipment that would not be useful, we may resell those items to help keep our costs as low as possible.

Recycle: That which we can not reuse or refurbish will be recycled for its material content.

​We believe this is the greenest possible treatment of your equipment.

Why It’s Important
It is our responsibility to do the right thing.
Over 50 million PC’s become obsolete annuallyOur technicians rescue usable technology

​We provide certified data destruction and responsible recycling


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